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The BMW i3 is manufactured in Leipzig, Germany and is the first high volume electric vehicle model of BMW. To arrange an appointment for a test drive with the BMW i3 click on test drive. Sales start of the BMW i3 was November 2013.

BMW i3 – The electric car of BMW

The BMW i3 is on a variety of grounds special. BMW design the i3 completely new and invested nearly 3 billion Euro in the development of this vehicle type. The bodywork of the i3 consists entirely of carbon. Besides the accentuation of sustainability (e g. the door covering consists of pressed hemp and the seats of recycled plastic bottles) is the sales concept to be pointed out. Exclusive BMW dealers serve as „BMW-i-agents“ und one can reserve a production place for an i3 via the internet. Get more Information on the BMW website

The BMW i3 is an electric hatchback that was first released to the US market in 2013. It is a five-door style with a single speed fixed ratio transmission and a 170 hp electric motor. The model falls within the city car class and is the first zero emissions vehicle that has been produced by BMW.

The BMW i3 has an electric engine with rear wheel drive. There’s strut front suspension as well as a stabilizer bar and multi-link rear suspension, allowing it to handle well around turns. It can handle almost all levels of day to day driving, though it can depend on the terrain.

The car is a BMW, so you can expect some luxury throughout the interior as well as under the hood. However, don’t anticipate a lot of colors. Five of the six exterior colors are various shades of white and gray with the sixth color being solar orange metallic. You can then choose from gray or brown interior colors of either cloth, leatherette, or full leather.

The interior includes bucket front seats and an instrument panel that includes an external temperature display and a trip computer. Some of the other technology includes rear parking sensors, cruise control, destination guidance, and hands-free calling. Entertainment is also impressive with an AM/FM stereo and a USB connection so you can bring in your own music. If you were looking for high-end speakers or a CD player, that is something that will have to be explored aftermarket.

Comfort is also found within the interior as a result of climate control, illuminating vanity mirrors, reading lights in the front and rear of the car, and a leather steering wheel.

There are a few interesting features about the BMW i3. It is capable of going approximately 81 miles on electric power and there is a REx or range extender that is available that is powered by a two-cylinder gas engine. This can increase the overall range to between 160 and 180 miles in normal driving conditions.

The BMW i3 is priced at $42,275 for the base model and that is considered affordable when you consider how much you can save in gas – especially at the prices that gas has been hitting per gallon across the U.S. Further, there are government incentives that are available to help as it is an electric car and therefore is better for the environment.

The vehicle has won several awards including the 2014 World Car Design of the Year, the IF Product Design Gold Award and two World Car of the Year Awards.

While it may not be the fastest car or the one that is ideal for long road trips, it is a city car that is capable of providing you with a reliable form of transportation on a day to day basis without depending on the constantly soaring gas prices.

The full technical data facts for the BMW i3 are available here: Technical Data.

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