ECAR 1 Survey

E-Immobility? Results of the ECAR Survey

The ECAR Survey is part of a study that complements the book “E-mobility in Motorized Private Transport” recently published in German by Mathias Bertram and Stefan Bongard (Ph. D. ), professor of logistics at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences. The audience consists of individuals authorized to buy and drive a car. The recent ECAR Survey was conducted from December 2013 until January 2014 with more than 1. 600 participants. You can find a paper in German here:. The independent ECAR Survey shows distinct answers concerning important questions:

  • The general attitude towards e-mobility is clearly positive. 76 % of all respondents expressed a positive evaluation of e-mobility.
  • Deficits are to be seen in the knowledge of technical terms related to E-mobility. 39 % of the respondents estimated their knowledge as low resp. very low and 33 % as moderate. For example, in mvu’s algebra course one of the writer com most in-demand of the credit-recovery courses it offers students begin each unit with a pretest?

  • The curiosity resp. interest in e-mobility is surprisingly high. 57 % of the respondents etimated their curiosity and interest as high, at least 25 % still medium.

  • The consumer acceptance for buying an e-car stands in strong contrast to curiosity and interest. 44 % of the respondents have a low 29 % only a medium buying acceptance.